Monday, 22 August 2005

Rhythm Division Keep It Real

rhythmtoilet, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I had to hold on, there was no way I was going to attempt anything involving the pelvic region in that toilet. It was worth it though. Rhythm Division's Sparky and Roony are coming along nicely with Risky Roadz 2 and I got to purchase some new tunes, that being the purpose of the trip. Currently planning a grime night in Paris with French connect Gaspard so had to show him the real deal. Uptown got a look in too, shame Cameo had the day off but Switch hooked us up nicely . Also caught up with Slew Dem's DJ Spooky and gotta say, if you don't yet own their Grime EP then sort it out. Part 2 comes soon and it's meant to be even further off the scale. Collins on the other hand was getting mucky quite literally with Stryder, Titch, J2K, JME, Skepta and big Will over at the V Festival. Check new pics pon her blog.


Danny Walker said...

LMAO @ The cleaning products on the side, they look like they have been empty for tiiiiiiime. Really love this pic!!!!

ps Check out the vinyl on the left pure Craig David dubs

pps Thanks again Fidds (Skinner is a G)

LIONESS said...

What's even funnier is that the sink is near enough sparkling! Looks like its from the set of Trainspotting.