Saturday, 13 August 2005

Rhythm & RWD All Day

On Thursday The 25th Of August RWD Mag & Rhythm Division Records come Together for the all-dayer launch of RWD''s video tones. Midday - 6pm. Free. DJ's, artists, crew's include Roll Deep, Newham Generals, Essentials, Slew Dem, South Agents, Logan Sama, Jammer, Ruff Sqwad, No Lay, Dynasty, SLK, Faith FX, Sparkie DJ, Target, Slimzee, Bashy, J2K, AfterShock, + more. This event will also be filmed exclusively by Risky Roadz 2 DVD. Check out the next issue of RWD for more. Let's hope the vibe is as good as the all dayer last year... if only they could broadcast the sound outside of the shop. Who remembers the sweat box? Still a heavy outing and catch up session and let's not be forgetting the hash truffles at Respect Festival afterwards... lean machine (sorry fam).

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