Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Trumps E3 Style

Javan AKA Trim, Trimble, Taliban Trim, Trim Thug, Trimcheroo, Trim Babe, Trimothy
History: Despite knowing some members, he was only recruited just overeighteen months ago
Check: 'Boogeyman', anything with Trim on it, the forthcoming Run The Road 2 track
Quote: On himself "In a different league better than them, definitely wanna go places stick with me, think I'm faking try it with me, won't be mistaken for those that are trying to be, I'm from the roads I've had clientel to meet, shot weed for a while but that weren't helping me, cause I'm addicted to weed, I ended up smoking my q's and p's, went broke and started moving b, went broke again and went back to the weed, didn't do college or get GCSE's, just shot white, rocks, solid with DT and P, but there ain't nothing like the music scene."
Trivia: He thinks he's a poet rather than an MC.
Bonus fact: His old crew was called Bomb Squad

History: Brazen became a Roll Deep soldier two years ago when he was just 16. Due to his skill he managed to skip Roll Deep youngers, Wile Out Onez.
Check: 'Buff Girls' (Aim High), Freestyle on Aim High 2 DVD.
Quote: "If you're involved in the music industry and you're in something stable already don't get involved with stupidness like I did, just keep your head down. Been away for a couple of months has taught me a lot, made me stronger and definitely more focused. Music is the biggest bonus there is."
Trivia: He's Breeze's brother
Bonus fact: He describes himself as 'very, very conscious'.

DJ Karnage
History: Winner of last years Sidewinders People Choice Best DJ award, Karnage is a longstanding member whose torn down more raves and pulled up more records than most.
Check: Eskimo Dance DVD's, his forthcoming mixtape with Maximum.
Quote: "Raves will never die, everythings always changing. Stuff just needs to be controlled, especially clashes."
Trivia: The first record he bought was DJ Target & Trend's '2 Degrees', a jungle track.

History: In November 2004 Roachee joined Roll Deep off the back of his 'when I'm 'ere lyric'.
Check: 'When I'm Ere', 'All Day Long' (forthcoming)
Quote: "Everyones making what they want, what they like, what comes out of them. If you wanna call it pop, call it pop."
Trivia: He describes his style as 'war for them' and as a raw, cool and humble guy.
Bonus fact: Roachee and Trim are looking to do a mixtape together

History: After departing company with Flying Squad he landed in Roll Deeps lap.
Check: 'Scorpion' (Aim High), 'Trim & Scratch', Aim High 2 DVD.
Quote: "I used to work for Travis Perkins, I got a forklift license and had to load up the lorries and that. I got the sack when I went to Ayia Napa."
Trivia: His best friends in Roll Deep are Danny and Trim (they went to school together).

History: After winning two Eskimo Dance competitions and frequent meetings with Wiley, north-west Londoner Manga signed up to Roll Deep.
Check: Creeper Mixtape series, 'Take Over' (DJ Cheeky Vol.1)
Quote: "I don't listen to other people. It's not good to hear what other people are doing and to be honest a lot of them bore me."
Trivia: Manga used to work for Touch Magazine and pitched a couple of ideas. Unfortunately for him he was late and I'd already done them. He left soon after when Touch stopped paying him, or as they put it he didn't turn up on time.

History: Ex-Pay As U Go Cartel member finally joined his Roll Deep friends after completing a stretch at HMP last year.
Check: 'Chosen One' (Run The Road), 'The Ave Rmx' (Relentless), 'Come On' (collaboration with Doctor), Chase & Status feat Roll Deep 'Top Shotta', 'Don't Want You Back' (forthcoming)
Quote: "I used to be a really horrible person and know that now I'm not. I'm still horrible on the mic but I'm a nice person, trust me."
Trivia: He used to be a jungle MC but now likes to spit on everything from rock to ragga.
Bonus Fact: He supports Manchester United and his fave player is Lampard.

Jet Li
History: Pretty much an original member rolling deep since 2000.
Check: 'Bus Stop', Creeper Mixtape Series
Quote: "I've worked in the past, the worst job I had was at Footlocker. The customers aren't nice and pay isn't the one. You should always aspire than that."
Trivia: Jet Li doesn't particularly like doing radio and raves.

History: Pay As U Go turned sour and Target went on a solo tip although the whole time he's been parring with Roll Deep. An official Roll Deep producer since last year.
Check: Aim High Vol 1. & 2., In At The Deep End.
Quote: "We've never made one type of music or one sound. I don't think we'll lose love from the streets we're all still doing remixes, DVDs, mixtapes and that. And if there's 100 people that don't like something we're doing, there could be a million that do."
Trivia: Targets real name is Darren Joseph
Bonus Fact: After getting an A* in Art, Target was offered a place at the prestigous London College of Printing (as was Breeze), to study Graphic Design. He turned it down because he thought there'd be more girls at the local college.

History: Appeared on the first Roll Deep track 'Terrible' and has been on radio ever since, preferring studio and such to the rave scene.
Check: 'Scorpion' (Aim High), 'Nigga Please' (Aim High), 'Shake A Leg' (Relentless)
Quote: "My daughter is a month old... it's very hard, I haven't slept for ages. That's it so know it's not all roses and flutes out here. My baby was actually meant to be born today but my girl gave birth the day we were on Westwood - I made it to both."
Trivia: He used to listen to Terence Trent D'arby along with Noreaga and a lof of jungle
Bonus Fact: Breeze came up with the name of the Roll Deep album and they all agreed they were 'In At The Deep End.'

Danny Weed
History: A near original member, he's rolled with the others for years.
Check: Aim High Vol. 2, Creeper (white), In At The Deep End (Relentless)
Quote: "Bootleg Creeper Vol 1. It's been leaked so pass it on and get it out there. Don't touch the others though."
Trivia: Most people don't realise Danny is half Irish half African.
Bonus Fact: Dom P is Danny's brother.

History: Despite being in Pay As U Go he formed Roll Deep and batted between the two before leaving PAUG for good after Champagne Dance charted at no.12. He embarked on a solo project with XL Recordings last year and remains ten years into his career one of the undergrounds most respect and in demand artists.
Check: Everything by Wiley especially 'Eskimo', 'Snow Storm' (as ridden by Jammer on Fire Hydrant EP).
Quote: "You want to know why I drink Guiness? Because it's got iron and also, and I can't belive you don't know this, if you're going to have you know sex, it enhances it. You've got to try it."
Trivia: One of the first records Wiley put out on a label was Nicole's Groove (under the guise of Phase One) on Relentless Records. They say things come full circle.
Bonus Fact: He's making some final changes to his second album, Second Phase. He doesn't expect it'll be out until next year.

Flo Dan
History: Flo Dan, also is PAUG, headed up and looked after much of the early Roll Deep business. A veteran in the scene and favourite at raves.
Check: 'That's Me' (Aim High), 'Scorpion' (Aim High).
Quote: "People need to understand that a lot of what is talked about is metaphorical. It's a real art form."
Trivia: Flo Dan has a girlfriend so isn't on any groupie shit.
Bonus Fact: He champions much of the Roll Deep lingo and finds it amusing that most of it is misinterpreted.

DJ Maximum
History: Recently left East Connection and has joined Roll Deep, filling the shoes of Danny Weed (who no longer really DJs) and ex-member Bionix who can be found with cousin Kano.
Check: For Maximums forthcoming mixtape
Quote: "My role in the crew seems to be beating everyone at Pro Evolution."
Trivia: Another nickname is Maxi Priest and his real name's James.

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