Wednesday, 3 August 2005

When's A Skirt Too Short?

skirt, originally uploaded by chantelle.

It's a serious question. What lies within the realms of decency? Pay attention to the accompanying picture and you'll note a zip, would it be appropriate to go out with both zips undone or is that the kinda thing that will get you dragged under a bush? Regardless, big up Ian for the discout at Connections in waste, I mean west London (*note MC's who wanna use this, copyright Ryan). Boob tube and visor also looking tidy... you saw me coming didn't you. Check his shop if you're in Hammersmith anyway.


Craig said...

I saw two of the shortests skirts possible on young girls yesterday. They were both like 16 years old and shopping with their moms. They both looked great and look I did until being glared at by the moms

but really what's the point if guys aren't going to stare

himself said...

Talk to japanese peeps ,they should know ,because over there i ´ve seen the shortest skirts ever in my life..everyday,,everywhere

DOT:ALT Magazine said...

undoing the zips would be bit tacky imo

Mr.Slash said...

Don't look too short at all, nice legs on the other hand :P