Wednesday, 24 August 2005

You Wanna Jack My Written?

Check Prancehall's reply
to round one. Time for round 2...
"Lumpenproletariat"? Your vocabulary's swoll
Because you read that on Word Of The Day toilet roll
Boy you'll need it because I'm dropping some shit that's kinetic
Make your lyrical chiaroscuro look peripatetic
See? Make your big words look like bobbing big turds
All those lyrics ain't shit when you've got a voice like Big Bird's
500 grand? I think you mean 500 grams
Cos you must be on coke, if you fuck with me, bloke
I heard you're up in Thailand making considerable noise
Because you drop big scrilla on all the ladyboys
Hens from the waist up, cock from the waist down
And they run trains on you, on a sofa, face down
You'll be able to shit and it won't touch the sides
I roll with grime heads, I heard you fuck with girl guides
So get the fuck back to camp before I leave you damp
Make your mum fit your bedsit with a wheelchair ramp
I'm done, you heard me speak, now your future's looking bleak
Cos a 5'2" hen fucked you into the middle of next week.


dave said...

Fiddy - Round 1.

lady sov news ... album will include tracks not yet recorded in USA with 'missy elliot's people'

LethalFizzle said...

oh my god, fiddy you just outdid it with the big words. i dont even know what half them words mean but theyre the biggest youve ever used so big-up. i think most of the users on the rwd forum wont understand what youre on about here, or actually, they probably will just cos theyre probably all in their 30s in the vice mag office pretending to be 14 yrs old, but keep on doing what you doing cos your blog is big. not as big as your 'charms' but still big enough. which is pretty big. stay big.