Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Downtown Honeys V Piss Off

geewhizz, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Caught Geeneus aka Wizzbit on MSN. Remember
never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. To help prevent infection by a computer virus or worm, never accept or open any file or link in an instant message until you verify its authenticity with the sender.
Downtown Honeys says: (12:24:52 am)
I'm saying how now the sound of the UK streets isnt Playstation beats but everything from Sway to Ruff Sqwad to Skream
piss off says: (12:30:24 am)
The scene has evolved in to the sound of the youth, with kids hot on our tails. So long as we get better the kids behind and the kids behind them will also improve their ears have got better and are contiously improving... within a few years the our music will dominate the country because unlike our elders we will not be ignorant to the nu sound of the youth ... and will welcome then with open
Downtown Honeys says: (12:36:34 am)
know its an age old question but what to you nowadays is grime... im trying to explain how Ruff Sqwads Uptown Girl fits into the same genre as say a wiley Ice Rink
piss off says: (12:39:50 am)
grime has expanded out of a particular sound in to more of a vocal based scene . its more about the style of mcing rather that the actual sound of the beat . the sound of grime has no ignorance there for has no boundaries.... to me i dont even know when it become grime ..we just do what we do ...
our sound of music and mcing is the most orgiinal music since hiphop ...but dnt be fooled this is not hip hop
Downtown Honeys says: (12:42:29 am)
The sound of grime has no ignorance there for has no boundaries....
I like
Downtown Honeys says: (12:44:52 am)
would i be right to say that its a struggle to sell 1,000 records now
piss off says: (12:45:17 am)
Downtown Honeys says: (12:45:23 am)
hang on im thinking about ur quote... shouldnt it be 'the sound of grime is so ignorant it has no boundaries'
piss off says: (12:45:27 am)
but we are in a cross over stage right now
Downtown Honeys says: (12:45:41 am)
in what sense (cross over i mean?)
piss off says: (12:46:04 am)
we are progressing from a dj based music in to an artist based music......
piss off says: (12:46:22 am)
the only reason records sell is because people want to be djs
Downtown Honeys says: (12:46:30 am)
and theres no raves
piss off says: (12:46:33 am)
well grime isnt about that as much now
Downtown Honeys says: (12:46:38 am)
piss off says: (12:46:39 am)
people want to be listners
piss off says: (12:46:52 am)
so a listner would rather buy a cd or a mp3
piss off says: (12:47:23 am)
soon people should be able to release there own albums and do well
piss off says: (12:47:36 am)
if they are smart enough and belive in our scene
Downtown Honeys says: (12:47:50 am)
which brings me to my next point...
Downtown Honeys says: (12:49:11 am)
artists are all striving to get major label deals which isnt going to happen. do u agree if people concentrated more at the infrastructure we've been building ourselves, we'd actually benefit more so all round?
piss off says: (12:49:49 am)
piss off says: (12:50:45 am)
i have just signed a track from ot crew and im doin a video and releasing it..and all tunes on newera will have a video and be released for the public as sinlges ...
piss off says: (12:51:19 am)
everyone thinking they're gonna get a 100 grand deal is living in dream land
piss off says: (12:52:01 am)
acceptin that 100 grand is like shoting ur carrier for 100 grand
piss off says: (12:52:09 am)
chances are they will flop u
piss off says: (12:52:48 am)
truth is they dont understand our music so how can they do a better job than us at releasing it
piss off says: (12:53:03 am)
thats what i fink anyway
Downtown Honeys says: (12:53:15 am)
how will we get around this problem
piss off says: (12:53:17 am)
i mean there are underground lables that do well
piss off says: (12:53:20 am)
and are buildin
piss off says: (12:53:27 am)
like paerchase and a few others
piss off says: (12:53:57 am)
hopefully people will see us doin ok and relise
piss off says: (12:54:52 am)
everyone dont need a label but they do need to release there music on a label with a brain that actually cares about the scene
Downtown Honeys says: (12:55:04 am)
yeh and people need to sort out their business skills?
piss off says: (12:55:22 am)
Downtown Honeys says: (12:55:27 am)
cause we have radio, journalists, a tv station...
piss off says: (12:56:01 am)
i mean thertes no harm in just being a artist and some one else releasin your stuff but at least do it with some one whos cares and has a brain
piss off says: (12:56:12 am)
the artists have it all wrong
piss off says: (12:56:22 am)
they fink get a manager sign to a major
piss off says: (12:56:32 am)
but the managers aint worth a wank
Downtown Honeys says: (12:56:38 am)
piss off says: (12:57:20 am)
so how can u do well if ur manger is some one who looks at u like a pound note rather than a good musican
piss off says: (12:57:40 am)
fuck the managers in this scene
Downtown Honeys says: (12:57:43 am)
and they do u more harm than good half time who wants to go thru management when they aint got a clue
piss off says: (12:57:53 am)
id rather me mum manged me
piss off says: (12:58:01 am)
at least i know she cares
piss off says: (12:59:52 am)
there are some of us that are real and dont get phazed by certain things
Downtown Honeys says: (1:00:04 am)
real as in real to the music?
piss off says: (1:00:14 am)
id make grime even if there wasnt any dough in it
piss off says: (1:00:29 am)
its a music that i am one of the pioneers of
piss off says: (1:00:37 am)
and i love it
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:22 am)
some people have lost their excitement for the scene
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:28 am)
but i know deep down i havent
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:33 am)
even though i wonder about it sometimes
piss off says: (1:01:39 am)
the thing is i dont put myself at the front and say im an inventor of the scene coz im not in it for the big face
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:44 am)
maybe its different for me cause im a listener
piss off says: (1:01:57 am)
but it seems the big faces are giving the wrong impression right now
piss off says: (1:02:07 am)
so im gonna start stating facts again
piss off says: (1:03:39 am)
i respect wiley the most
Downtown Honeys says: (1:03:49 am)
i do musically
piss off says: (1:04:20 am)
coz even though hes a ass he cares more about what he sounds like than he does about the money
Downtown Honeys says: (1:04:27 am)
thats true
piss off says: (1:04:32 am)
alot of people would sell there soul for a bit of money
piss off says: (1:04:55 am)
westwood need to know this aint hip hop
piss off says: (1:05:06 am)
big him up he is big in his game
piss off says: (1:05:11 am)
but this aint his game
Downtown Honeys says: (1:05:29 am)
do u think the hip hop 'problem' comes from the fact its lyric based and a lot of guys listen to American hip hop
piss off says: (1:05:50 am)
not really
piss off says: (1:06:01 am)
why not call it bashment? people need to realise there is a differnce
some people cant tell the difference ,there the fakers, grime is grime
same way bashment is bashment and hip hop is hip hop
piss off says: (1:07:13 am)
all mc based
piss off says: (1:07:44 am)
i mean riko and dr and shizzle are all grime artists.
piss off says: (1:08:05 am)
just coz they got the bashy sound dont mean its bashment
Downtown Honeys says: (1:24:10 am)
u should start doing the live callers thing and debates properly, we need it
piss off says: (1:24:23 am)
yea i know


Blackdown said...

that's a big interview chan...

LethalFizzle said...

BIG interview
good work
geeneus tells the truth
and he is an amazing producer
one of the all time best

Chantelle Fiddy said...

thanks for feedback, was just a conversation regarding a piece I was doing for a German mag not interview as such but Gee kindly allowed me permission to put it up. Gee needs to talk, DJ and release more! Maybe I'll upload some more of these. Cut this was down a bit cause was majorly long.

LethalFizzle said...

yeah he does need to release more, but maybe its good he doesnt though cos at least he is maintaining high standards/quality control...

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