Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Introducing Young Guns

Mingstar, Slinga, Venom, Poison and Dimpsy might not look like your average Countdown fans, but don't get it twsited. Their second track, 'Countdown' goes to show just how much Richard Whiteley managed to spread the love in his time. We salute them and the late game show legend...
Where did the idea for the new track come from?
Poison and Slinga came out with the idea from watching the Countdown programme and just saying to themselves 'we should sample that sound everyone knows it and its an educational programme', we feel we need more of those.
Are you big Richard Whiteley fans?
Poison is the biggest fan of the show but we all watch it - its one of the only educational programmes left. We all wish his family the best even though we do not know them. We were all upset and deeply shocked when passed away. We would of loved for him to hear our track and give us his opinion on it.
Why didn't the MC's use the Countdown theme more?
We were thinking of using a Countdown theme for the lyrics but we werent too confident that it would work so we just let the artists express themselves individually. Who] knows we might do a remix and theme the lyrics on the show.
What next? 15-1? Blockbusters?
I will listen to 15-1 and Blockbuster because I cant remember them and see if they can be put to use.We have sampled Crystal Maze, Dr Who and The South Bank Show so watch out for those exclusive instrumentals by Y.G.C.
Do you know what your next release will be?
Ride With Us, the video has already been done and is due out late August. All the Young Gun artists feature on this track and it's produced by Mingstar and Slinga. We also have are own dvd coming out in August called Y.G.C Tv plus our own mix cd Best of the Best in the process. Countdown 2 produced by Jammer with different arists on is coming out on white label now. I mustn't forget the Countdown Youngers either, produced by Skitz it features the hottest under 18's. It's out now on white label.

Also check Young Guns playing Countdown in the current issue of RWD.

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