Monday, 26 September 2005

Jumpoff Goes Power Summit

jumpoff_050926_powsum_mcs, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The Jump Off has partnered with The Mix Show Power Summit to send a British MC as one of the four finalists in the $50K MC Battle in the Bahamas.  The MC has to be either signed or have had a major album release in the last 2 years.  The UK Power Summit Eliminator will take place at The Jump Off, Mean Fiddler on Monday 26th September and will feature the following line up:
Professor Green (The Beats) v Life (Zebra Traffic)
Bouts will be over two 1 minute acapella rounds and judged by a panel of industry judges.  The winning MC will then represent the UK in the $50 MC Battle on Sat 1st October @ The Power Summit in the Bahamas. Every signed UK MC you can think of was approached & declined. Launched in 1998 The Mix Show Power Summit is Hip Hop's premier music conference where the cultures most powerful players come together to forge relationships, make deals, launch new artists & products, redefine brands, and set trends for the coming year.  The conference boasts over 2500 attendees and features over 30 events packed into 4 exciting days. Unlike many other MC battles that feature up and coming talent the Power Summit MC battle features four signed artists with at least one major album release.  Last years battle featured Jin, Wreckonize, Shells & Jae Mills; with Jin walking away the victor $50,000 richer and with a brand new car courtesy of General Motors.  The MC battle has become the most heavily attended and anticipated event at the Power Summit attracting artists, press, DJs and urban music executives.  The Power Summit MC battle is the ultimate grounds for bragging rights & has the potential to spark or destroy a career. So with one MC from the UK, this year’s battle promises to uphold the excitement, raucous atmosphere and competitive spirit created last year.  The battle will be hosted by a prominent urban personality and will be judged by a panel consisting of urban music’s top DJs, executives and artists. 

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