Sunday, 11 September 2005

Nite, Nite

nitenite, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Play the game and win one of five exclusive Hoffman Kano BMX's
Nite, Nite is out tomorrow with b-sides Get Set, Reload It (High Contrast remix), and Nobody Don't Dance No More remix. Not forgetting Run The Road 2 either, cop these.


Seph_Phat_Head said...
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Seph_Phat_Head said...

Played the game. Gun me all u want but I found it well hard. Got ther in the end tho.

Ps. Big tune Kano. Got Run The Road Vol.2 2day. But stuck at work tryna listen 2 it on my pc without any1 noticing. Well hard so far.

Chantelle Fiddy said...

Hey I'm with you on that... I haven't managed to complete it yet. Let us know what you think of RTR2 DVD when u get to watch it

Seph_Phat_Head said...

Jus chekd the DVD. U finished the Kano puzzle yet?

DVDs heavy for its length (about 30/45 mins). Was proper feelin getto's bars, as wel as JME, Demon & Trims, (as short as they wer) big still. Kano on Westwood was good too, he seemd proper hyped 4 that, so good infact that Westwoods voice didn't make me cringe once. Could've dun with a bit more spittin but Jammer's drop on the Murkle motor is the highlight. Joker! Thers also random music videos at the end but i seen them all before. Still nang tho.

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