Thursday, 8 September 2005

You What?

skepta&fiddy, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Long day but big up everyone on the Hoodie Remix video shoot; Mizz Beats aka Nothing Fits, JME (serious but not serious), Skepta and the dance moves, Jammer and murkle glasses, Baby Blue with slick hair style, Ears and all Scare Dem, Soveriegn the Stella specialist of course, Slew Dem's Chronik (joker, use those new bars) and there's so many more... I won't spoil the video for you but this will be dropping in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Also got a preview of the Murkleman video and it's very big. Going to be a Channel U number 1 for sure and if this doesn't get taken by others i'd be surprised. Directed by Mo who did the original Pow! video, the energy levels are once again high but it's that combined with the comedy moments that signal Murkleman is gonna go far. JME's also going to be doing a video for Serious Remix while Skepta also has plans underway for his next project.


Seph_Phat_Head said...

Jus thout i'd say ur a heavy writer, and readin the articles is 1 of the highlights in my dull working day. proper lost track since leavin school. doin' good things 4 the scene, big up.

ps. do u write regularly in any mags..?

yoitsme said...
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Chantelle Fiddy said...

to the last comment... you can think what you like. You're entitled to that and comments like that are standard. While I don't find them offensive, as a woman working in a predominantly male industry and living in a world where women are treated no way near equal, I simply don't feel the need to promote such feedback.

And Seph, thanks. I contribute to monthly to i-D, Touch, B&S, RWD, Smash Hits (maybe you won't be checking that on the regs) and Good For Nothing. There's other random bits floating about but I post most of it up here (if I'm allowed).