Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Draw For The Gut

My future ex-husband Prancehall has alerted me to an amusing thread on I Love Music. Loving the supposed posts from Dizzee, Wiley, Jammer my mum and co. Nice to see that among the haters there are those who appreciate my charms... be they slanguistics or ample-batty showcasing. Show your faces, I don't have much time for dating or hating but boy, if a good enough offer comes through then I'll do what I gotta do (does anyone know if Prancehall is indeed a buffers? Logan is the only person who seems to know his boat and I'm hardly gonna ask him for a rating). One more thing... Scarf, I was gonna write bars for you star, but in all honesty I'm looking at which gym not to join and stroking my slightly bloated stomach (food allergies today, honestly) as I consider whether to even be offended for one second at your comment. Err no. I got storage space that many a waif would envy. If you drank as many Guinness cocktails as I - strictly in the name of grimeucation then maybe you'd understand. If however I'm getting it twisted and you're not an anorexic breed but a fat fucker, I suggest we meet up, swap stories and draw for the gut. Go on then, go on then.

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Sophie Heawood said...

Prancehall is indeed buffers. Well, kind of a cross between buffers and Butters.