Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Megatron Enlightens San Francisco

DJ Megatron gives the word on the progressions after Plasticman's visit... "Plasticman was the Don. Vex'd (well, Jamie from Vex'd rolled thru to SF) killed it too. I think alot of SF heads are into the Grimey sounds and just dont know it yet but yeah the folks in da place were goin crazy for the beats. Thank goodness for the soundsystem too courtesy of F-Sound which is one of the best up and coming sound crews out here based in the DnB scene and who knows how to handle the bass. People were feelin the Vex'D sound alot with all the crazy basslines. He got the crowd hooked with opening his set with Dillinja "The Angels Fell" and went straight into the Dubstep after that. Plasticman got people movin with his quick mixes and heavy tunes. I swear his last tune "Hoodie" remix was what got the whole place goin ape shit for more. I was even doin some Krump Dancing. Mizz Beatz for Queen of England! All in all a perfect, proper intro of Grime and Dubstep to the San Francisco community. They said that they even fired up the hot tub at 4am and nekkid chicks somehow ended up in there (and possibly the David Haslehoff look a like) Next up I hear in the pipeline is Mark One and DJ Messiah. Oh and our crew got DJ Joe Nice headlining at our monthly in 2 weeks bringin the Baltimore heat. Things are looking up for Grime, slowly but surely. Big ups and cant wait to see some more uk artists wreck shop in da USA! Megatron." N.B the pics are too scary to even post a link to. If people ever came like this to a grime rave in the UK, interesting wouldn't even be the word!


terrorhythm said...

The hot tub was "shower".

Aaron Berg said...

big up stateside grime...