Sunday, 30 October 2005

Missed This

dubstep, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Because I was catching up with Shaolin Monks at the Peacock Theatre (thanks Lix for the hook up). Love the flyer stillos. How was it? Who was the surprise guest? Can you fill me innnnnnnnn.


brokenthumbs said...

Lady Sovereign - who sucked. She was basically doing punk and I didn't turn up for that.

alex bkbk said...

she'd like to think she was doing punk!

if you ever listened to rap-metal in the late 90s you would have been horrified cos she sounded like korn / limp bizkit.


was so empty for kode9 and dmz, i felt really bad cos they were the ones billed on the flier! mala & loefah merked still