Sunday, 30 October 2005

Murking In Paris

Barbie Paris, originally uploaded by Alimoni.

The launch of The Grimey Awards in Paris was a massive success. Wiley turned up for a start, in fact he was first to get to Waterloo. Who'd have believed it. Once there it was up to Generation for some legal radio action (Skepta even managing a clash) before feeding time at the zoo. The Rex Club didn't quite know what had hit it. Forget skank out, it was mosh out. Big up Gaspard, Elisa, Feadz, Shone, Roman, Ego Systems and everyone who made the trip and night possible. Full coverage of this event will be in forthcoming issues of i-D, RWD and also, Clark (I think). Hold tight for the footage too.


kreme said...

Yeah it seems there will be words about that gig in the next issue of Clark Magazine.
And maybe something about the legendary Chantelle...

Anonymous said...

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