Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Channel U For NTL?

You may be aware that Channel U, that Great British institution, are trying to get onto NTL. Whether you're an NTL user or not is beside the point, the videos need spreading so help the campaign by telling the people and emailing


denney said...

common put channle u on cable

NLP101 said...

I definately, think for the sake of the UK talentz this would be a great move for Channel U to take. I think Channel U should even allow der transmission on to the Freeview platform.

I personally, wish to pay for a website that will air UK talent live on the internet! I would like to have this information passed on to Channel U but don't know who to aproach, so if there is anyone who is willing to help let us know.

Channel U Ch.367 after Feb 28th 2006. Keep reppin British Talent!

Daubhill, Bolton