Monday, 14 November 2005

Lioness Playlist 12/11/05

DaVinChe & Snipe Keedo - Lifestyle [Dubplate]
Purple - Blowin Up [true Tiger Mixtape]
Faction G & Shyam - Its Over [Committee]
Devlin - Untitled [OT dubplate]
Swiftee - Motown Dreams [White]
Swiftee Feat. Brothers Grim - More Than Music [Dubplate]
Geeneus - Grand Theft Auto [Dumpvalve]
Mr Slash & Snipe Keedo - Concerto Freestyle [Dubplate]
Spooky - Joy Ride Riddim [Dubplate]
Spooky, Slew Dem & Neckle Camp - Joy Ride Vocal [Dubplate]
Nasty Crew - In The Place [White]
Finesse - War Path [Dubplate]
Jiggalo - Funkville [Dubplate]
Rossi B & Luca - Run For Cover [White]
Dogzilla - Storyteller [OT dubplate]
Nasty Crew - Gang Banger [Dubplate]
Wiley - Crazy Freestyle [Dubplate]
Rossi B & Luca - Mugged Off [Dubplate]
Dcoy - Barbarian [Dubplate]
Chunky B Feat. Merkston - Summertime [Dubplate]
Wiley & Merkston - Soon As I Get Home [Dubplate]
B Live - Merkin Ps & Qs [Dubplate]
Plasticman Feat. Slayer - Section 7 Vocal [Terrorhythm]
J Sweet - Marxman [White]
Jiggalo - Grime [Dubplate]
Spooky Feat. Others - Firin Range [Dubplate]
Bashy - Never See Me Fall [2NV]
Dreama - State Of Mind [Dubplate]
DVA Feat. Stormin - Freestyle [Dubplate]
Bruza Feat. Triple & Krucial - So Real [Dubplate]
Triple Threat - Break Through [Dubplate]
Finesse - Nimi [Dubplate]
Wong Feat Charley - I Just Wish [Dubplate]
Dogzilla - Busker [OT dubplate]
Jai Box & Lee Henry - Help Me [True Tiger Mixtape]
Chunky B Feat Merkston - What If We [Dubplate]
Jai Box - Dont You Think [Dubplate]
Regal Players Feat. L Man - Part Time Friends [Frog dubplate]
Triple Threat & Bruza - Money Talks [Dubplate]
Wong - Cool It Now [Dubplate]
DVA Feat Amy King [Dubplate]

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