Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Meet Baby Blue

The rapper named after her favourite colour is a sweetie, but she's taking the game by the neck. As well as collaborating with the likes of Akala, Sway and Pyrelli, you'll also find her happily spitting next to Jammer, JME, Lady Sovereign and co... If you're not one for hype then check out her new mixtape, Out Of The Blue Vol. 2, which lands this month. Meet Baby Blue
Q: How does the 2nd mixtape vary from the first?
A: It's a growth, a deeper look at me, the beats are better, the mixes are better the whole way it is is better. I'm all about lyrics, instruments and different sounds.
Q: Any favourites on there?
A: 'I Still Don't Care' and 'Dreaming'. The first ones a big collaboration and 'Dreaming' is creative, I think that's why I like it.
Q: Lyrically what subjects do you deal with?
A: What I've done to get to this point, relationships, stuff in my mind. It's about my imagination, dreaming about things. I'm pleased where I am, I'm building a fanbase and had a good response from videos. I'm just waiting to put my album out next year.
Q: How's that coming along?
A: I've done four or five songs for it already, whether they'll make it or not I don't know. I'll probably record 20 or so and pick 12. I'm going to do a video for 'Dreaming' next though I think.
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