Monday, 14 November 2005

Straight Outta Bethnal

bethnalback, originally uploaded by chantelle.


Chris Aidy said...

Hey Fiddy what you and Hattie doing... DJing?

Queen_Passion said...


DO I get an invite??? (does puppy dog eyes)


luca lucarini said...

this looks big you know...

Chantelle Fiddy said...

Collins will be manning decks more than I, no doubt I'll be running around making sure everythings live and getting people through the door who are begging guest list... Queen Passion I can sort you out something If you bow down! Ha. Hope to see you all there though. Party time!

Queen_Passion said...


You tried beef me at Fabric and now your tryna take.

Im gonna come find you in 333 BLUUUD!

(time for the shower face)


@ston_06 said...

yo whats up chantelle. Iam a dedicated breh whos been on your site everyday 4 tttimmeee. Just wanted 2 no if theres any chance of gettin me a guestlist deall plz luv.
many thanks
p.s is there a dress code on da nite as well.

Aaron_Adelio said...

AAaaaaah see what Fiddy you have chief brehs saying they've been pon your site for time. Yeah. yeahhhhh right they have. HE SUCKS BALLS JUST LIKE YOU SUCK BALLS!