Saturday, 3 December 2005

Roll Out

Roll Deep may be re-evaluating their label situation as the Relentless deal draws to a close, despite shifting 60,000 plus albums, (official statement to follow) just don't think that's going to stop them sticking their fingers in as many pies as possible. The first of DMC's new grime compilations mixed by Maximum and Carnage and featuring freestyles from many of the crew favourites like Scratchy, Breeze & Trim, aims to bring together some of the scenes biggest hits from the last few years. Although it doesn't hit shelves til February/March next year, the exclusive on the tracklisting can be revealed; bangers include So Solid Crew 'Envy' (They Don’t Know – Vocal Mix), JME 'Serious', Maxwell D 'Serious', SLK 'Hype! Hype!' Geeneus & Wiley ft Roll Deep 'Wickedest Ting', Donae’s 'My Philosophy (Bouce)', Dizzee Rascal ' Luv U', Sticky Feat. Ms Dynamite 'Boo! (Original Dirty Mix)'. Kano 'Boys Love Boys', More Fire Crew 'Oi!', Roll Deep 'Roll Deep Regular', Trim 'Boogeyman', Tinchy Strider 'Underground', Wiley 'Wot U Call It?', Target 'Steamrolla (Feat Roll Deep Freestyle)' , Danny Weed 'Creeper (Feat Roll Deep Freestyle)' and Stush 'Dollar Signs'. Watch this space!


h-crimm said...

are you havin a joke?
surely there cant be anuther record with those tracks on? sure you didnt find a press release from two years ago??

would like to hear this one tho
""" Kano 'Boys Love Boys'""

hmmmmmmmmmmm thats what you typed... i'm not saying anythin :)

((happy chrimbo fid')

Chantelle Fiddy said...

I swear up and down and around... I got the CD the other day. Aside from two new Roll Deep freestyles it's spose to show us the evolution of grime. Ummmm... I get the idea but don't know whether this will sell and it's certainly not definitive. As for the homo thing, It actually got printed in Blues & Soul like that. Subliminals comin at ya. Boys love boys, don't get caught up in the denial. Merry Christmas to you to.