Thursday, 26 January 2006

Back In Bethnal

Kronik, originally uploaded by hattiec2.

Kronik is one dude who will blaze more than you, remember that. Big up Collins on this pic, check her blog for more and you even get bonus joke captions (what were you smoking?). So Straight Outta Bethnal last Friday, quick time sekkle, was a rather mad one, firstly no trouble to report just good vibes. Once again I didn't get to see much but upstairs Samurai, Matchstick and Crackin Skullz were definitely getting reloads on a selection as random as Chaka Khan to Kris Kros. Hands in the air, what we like to see. Downstairs in the basement it was suitably rowdy and kinda out of control Forget Grimdy, we got more rock than (bread) rolls. Generally the reviews/feedback I've had have been positive and the club gotta be pleased cause we've been promoted to the 4th Friday of the month (pay day baby!). Some people have suggested they'd rather have what's on the tin so to speak, while that is true it's also the nature of a grime event and to an an extent, the beauty of it. Wiley might not have performed loads of new material, but he turned up, so shut your mouth! As for the 20+ MC's who got on the mic who weren't booked, If I'd had another pair of hands perhaps it could have been dealt with before the stage looked like Sainsburys on a Saturday morning. There's nothing worse than a swag MC hogging the mic and the wrist band action simply didn't work, so next time the plan is to keep the sets as close to the plan as possible, even if that means me learning marital arts. If you're not booked you're not going on (shout to All In One, the only MC not booked who asked if he could go on mic, rate the guy). It's a double sided sword though, at the end of the day you gotta give these guys a chance cause that's how talent grows and you find the next one to blow. Are you really gonna complain when the likes of Flow Dan, Fuda Guy, Kronik, Scorcher, Dollar and that wanna give you a bar for nothing? Perhaps an idea that will work is to open it up for the last hour for a power showering. Apologies though for the non-show of Bossman, turned out he's on curfew for next few months so once he's off the hook, you'll have his face all up in the dance. From what I can gather, Bearman, Pres T, Skepta (in the much talked about bowler hat), Jammer, Wiley, Fender and the rest did give it some welly mate. Target, Logan, Maximum, Skepta and Jammer are also up for Duke Of Edinburgh Awards for deck activity, so thanks to everyone who performed and all that came to the event. Quick note to the people that kept holding me up on the door - people need to understand that if they want nights to happen, a fiver's not really going to go amiss. I still pay to go out, buy records I already have MP3's of and never expect freeness. Point really getting at is don't turn up and beg guestlist, the list gets submitted way in advance, we're not going all deli counter on the night and artists need to be paid. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, listennnnnn...

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