Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Little Dereks Doing OK

Demo_cover, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Little Dereks doing fine. Went to the Sway album launch party last night with my sister in tow. She'd never heard any of his material before and think she's been errr... swayed. Waste jokes aside, good luck on this cause Sway's been putting the work in and it goes to show just how much you can do without the assistance of a major record label. Bar the Observers swaggle rock review, all's been looking good on the press front and judging by the camera's inside last night, his face is going to be getting even baiter. , if Ben Harris doesn't get nominated for press campaign of the year in Record Of The Day awards or whatever, then those people should go suck sweaty batty crease for like timeeeeee. I've told Sway I'll be buying it anyway... and emailing him a copy of the receipt so I've gotta put my money where my mouth is. The next single, we're told, is Product so watch out for that too. Go to www.swaydasafo.com and you can hear two new album tracks and if you're quick in nabbing the album, there's a limited edition that includes a bonus DVD. Shouts to Aftershock Camp, Dan Greenpeace, Bruza and his chickens, Reggie Yates, Semtex, Twin B, NY, Saj, Blenks, Walker and everyone else who represented last night.

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