Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Go Look In The Mirror, Bust That

I ain't lieing prick, I'm air-guitaring it (n.b adopt semi-Kano flow to prior sentence). Already sick of the name Grimdie, fuck Chico the leather clad fruit bat, it's Grindie time. Statik's latest venture is the Grindie mixtape, (CD but you know how retarded we be), which features 60 snippets of original indie and grime tracks, alongside those Grindie remixes, some like 'Positive Tension' and 'Generator', proving much stronger than others. While some people think it's a hype ting or a fad, isn't it about time someone livened things up and tried something Fresh like Fem? I'm in no way comparing this release, or Statik, to a deodrant for your ladies southern region, but listening to a lot of the lyrics doing the rounds, a number of MC's need to seriously exfoliate their output. This aside, I'm mostly listening to Jeff 'Dead' Buckley, Kelly 'American Idol' Clarkson and Bananarama's Greatest Tits. But you'll be pleased to know you can hear some tracks over at Statiks myspace, or if you gotta go and change a nappy, hit your local record shop on March 6th.

Statik Presents Grindie Vol. 1 Hosted By Scorcher, Big H & Pres T
1. Intro
2. Shout Outs
3. Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie - (Statik Remix Feat. Scorcher And Manga)
4. The Rakes - 22 Grand Job - (Statik Remix Feat. Lethal Bizzle)
5. Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love U Less And Less (Fuck Drums Mix)
6. Statik Feat. D Double E - Supadoop
7. Babyshambles - Killamangiro
8. Statik Feat. Wiley, Jammer, Flodan And Skepta - The Rave
9. Lethal Bizzle - Mind Ur Head
10. Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
11. Kraftwerk - Numbers
12. Statik Feat. Jme, Big H, Schorcher, Ghetto, Godsgift, Napper, Solo 45, Pres T, Skepta And Hammer
13. The Strokes - Automatic Stop
14. Davinche - Mega Drive
15. Franz Ferdinand - Evil And A Hero
16. Fire Camp - Air On The Roads
17. Death From Above 1979 - Black History Month
18. Statik Feat. Tinchy Stryder, Skepta, Jammer And Nio - I Just Wanna Fu**
19. Pure Groove Records Skit
20. Bloc Party - Positive Tension (Statik Remix Feat. Flirta D)
21. The Kills - Your Love Is A Deserter
22. Tinchy Stryder - Underground
23. The Rakes - Binary Love
24. Terra Danjah - Radar (Statik Remix)
25. Interpol Evil (Original And Statik Refix)
26. Jme - Blue Portal
27. Test Icicles - Boa Vs. Python
28. Test Icicles - Boa Vs. Python (Statik Remix Instrumental)
29. Jon E Cash - Hoods Up
30. The Rakes - Binary Love
31. Young Dot - Bazooka
32. Blondie - Heart Of Glass
33. Wylie - Dubplate
34. TV On The Radio - Ambulance
35. Wylie - Colder Statik Remix
36. The Cribs - North Of England
37. Jimi Hendrix And Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower (Statik Refix)
38. The Engineers - Given Right - (Statik Refix)
39. Big E D - Frontline (Statik Remix)
40. The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
41. Bloc Party - Price Of Gasoline (Automato Remix)
42. Statik Feat. Ghetto And Demon - Never Guess
43. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - On And On
44. Statik Feat. Wiley And Test Icicles - Shut Down
45. La Belle Et La Bete - Babyshambles - (Statik Refix)
46. La Belle Et La Bete - Babyshambles - (Original)
47. Arctic Monkeys - From The Ritz To The Rubble
48. Statik - Bring It On - Instrumental
49. Babyshambles - Pentonville
50. Nasty Crew - Run 4 Cover (Jamrock)
51. Madness - Driving In My Car
52. D Power - Bring It On Feat. Shizzle, Doctor, Napper, Ryder, Fresh, Nicki Forcer, Statik
53. The Holloways - Generator (Statik Remix Feat. Scorcher)
54. The Strokes - Between Love & Hate (Statik Refix)
55. Statik Feat. Wiley - No Time (2 Die)
56. Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
57. Lethal Bizzle - Mind Ur Head (Statik Remix)
58. Statik - Showerface - D Dark And S Kid Freestyle
59. Skepta - Watch
60. Scorcher - Doin Dis Ting Freestyle
61. Ladyfuzz - Bouncy Ball - Statik Remix Feat. Knuckles And Scorcher
62. Test Icicles - Boa Vs. Python - Statik Remix Feat. Firecamp
63. Vincent Vincent And The Villains - On My Own
64. Phoenix Drive - Supplement
65. Kid Harpoon

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