Sunday, 9 April 2006

Mixtape Drama

DubplatePack, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Really feeling the Goodz track, that one's also out on vinyl now with Mentat to thank for production. Also good Fireworkz remix of the Booty Bouncers Fame & Money...
1. Intro
2. Stop (Remix) - Crazy Titch & J2K
3. Lyrical- JME, Lethal B and fumin
4. Some other girl- Fireworkz feat.. Kelle le roc
5. What I say I am - Nolay
6. Anger Mangemnet _ D Double
7. Hold it Down- Fireworkz Feat- J2K, Shystie, L-Man, Goodz, Syer B,
Ron 'E' Redz, Marcie phonix, Hypa Fen
8. Make it easy (grime remix)- Shystie, Crazy Titch, J2K
9. Interlude- Rodney P
10. Not a game its real - Earz
11. 1 Wish- Shystie
12. 1 Wish (Fireworkz Remix)-Hyperactive, Kano
13. Thuggish Ruggish: JME, D Double E
14. I'm still ere- Riko
15. You know my name- Riko
16. Fame & Money-(fireworkz remix) Wiley, skinnyman, wonder
17. South Rep- Narstie, L-Man, Solo, infamous
18. Tunnel Vision- Narstie
19. Breaking Point- Narstie
20. Street Slang - Shystie, Ron 'E' Redz
21. Whats Happening- Goodz
22. Best Friends: Hyper Fen Marcy Skepta
23. Tempa Tempa- Rondey P
24. Make it easy (Hip Hop Remix) - Skinnyman Mike Glc Shystie
25. 10 Lumps- Esquire
26. Dats not gangster- Sincere
27. Keep it road- Goodz
28. Paris 1- Notts City
29. Elders - Mike GLC
30. Bling Bling Crazy - Killa Benz
31. 3 Grey Hairs - Esquire
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