Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Bossman Lays A Fat One

bossmanbooth, originally uploaded by chantelle.

...In The Beats HQ toilet. Of course we're talking bars cause the loo doubles up as the vocal booth. Good acoustics I'm told just allow dropping a number 2. Not good for the vocals cuzzie. And let us not forget Mike Milrain on engineering duty. Big man in the game.


The Duke said...

Review: The Streets @ Brixton 11/5/05

Professor Green: Funny. Good. Excellent end accapella. Better than The Streets.

Sway: Hysterical. Witty. Crowd pleaser. Much better than The Streets.

DJ playing after Sway while we waited 40 minutes for The Streets to come on: Gun fingers. Jump up! Wiley track rocking the house.

The Streets: Was that really Craig David? What a pile of pony. Left after four songs (crap sound at Brixton as ever didn't help especially after the mofo system that was DMZ at Mass on Saturday) and went home to listen to the first album and wonder where it all went wrong :)

The random strangers next to us left at the same time equally horrified.

Still Prof Green and Sway made it worth going out.

Chantelle Fiddy said...

yeah have to say when I saw The Streets at Brixton last year i came to the conclusion his music isn't a live experience for me, i much prefer to listen to the CD. And sound doesn't help you're right. Wouldn't mind seeing how it works at a festival though

The Duke said...

I thought I would be selling their CD's on eBay this morning but you are right he is a better CD experience and I think Brixton Academy needs to get its sound system sorted out, it did no one any favours last night. Last years The Streets was ok, average, not bad but for the sake of comparison it was about 500% better than last nights. IMHO of course.

Roll on Jah Shaka on the 28th - now there is a sound system that knows what is about!

The Duke said...

^^ that should say what it's about!

the flyer for Jah Shaka is, bizarrely, on eBay here. Tickets on ticketweb.