Wednesday, 3 May 2006

It's How You Wear It

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The other day I was sat across from a woman about 5 years older than me, I admired her ability to wear tight fitting white trousers with no VPL, the shoes that looked pinching yet fitted her feet on a Cinderella tip, even the accessories looked tight. I thought my girl must be earning P's (even though she was elusive as to her job description), then the next day I'm bopping down Asda where my trusty mother points out said womans entire outfit. George at Asda are not endorsing me, nor am I saying they're going to take over like adidas, but just do you cuzzie and the results may be surprising.

Here are some more fashion recommendations from people who don't shop at supermarkets;

Sincere, rapper. "I used to wear a lot of D&G and Christian Dior but I'd like to rock whoever's willing to sponsor me. I get stuff from Griffin, it's a cross between Stone Island and Armani, but what I really want in 2006 is to sell a lot of my album, So Far So Good Vol.1."

Baby Blue, rapper."For me 2006 is all about bright colours, Bathing Ape, dungarees, Inhabit Clothing and my line, Rachel Estelle coming soon. Also dropping in the summer is my album, Through Innocent Eyes."

Young Blad Malitia (YBM), rappers (Nougz, Fresh Face, Young Propane, Kiddy Kids)
"Daniel Lei is our tip for next year, exclusive, you need to know about King hats and YBM are putting Fila back on the map. We're going to blow and get bare video's on Channel U and MTV Base. Watch for the mixtapes too, Back 2 Basics and our EP Everyday On The Road is out now. Stay fly and make hits, that's us."

Bigz, rapper, CEO. "I like to shine and I'm looking fresh to death for the new year. You gotta stay focused and fly til you die, whether you're going to an interview or going to make a chick. Know about John Richmond jeans. The Best Of The Beginning: The Story So Far is out now and my album, Street Commentary is coming out in May."

Dynamo, Magician. "We need to sort it out, the whole pink clothes on guys... Camron can pull it off but I don't think anyone else can. And what about skin tight clothes on guys? Nah. I'm listening to Mike Jones, Sway, SAS, Kano, Bizzle, Plan B and a few others. Watch out for my second DVD coming in 2006."

Digital Dan, Camera Operator,"Keep it positive and stop promoting violence and gun talk. We need to live in unity, long the racism too. I've been affected by it all my life and it's depressing, it properly still exists even from my own Chinese brothers, stereotyping, alienating me... I'm just doing me. Don't be afraid to be different, experiment with colour but you won't catch me wearing pink."

Street Politiks. "Keep grinding, stay paid, stay positive. As long as it looks good we wear it, we switch all the time. Lots of yellow, white and blues for us next year. The album Pound And A Promise is out now."

Skepta aka Joseph Junior Adenuga, artist
"Furry hats, I'm the original furry hat dan. Everyone's trying to bust these hats now. The key for 2006 is never think you're the biggest you can be. You can always get better. My album Greatest Hits is going to be out in 2006, listen to that."

Jammer, artist. "Keep going, it's a long, long road. Dress like me, check the articles, I dress choong. I've been starving the streets for too long. Murkle Man's going to drop in 2006 as is my album. Watch for the Jahmek The World camp."

Pablo, actor/road man/MC. "You can't go wrong with white t-shirts and white socks. That's what I'm wearing, you gotta make sure you've got on matching socks incase you take your shoes off round your girls house. I'm sleeping in my jogging bottoms too but if she's special she might see me in my boxers. My mixtape will be out soon, the film London State Of Mind, it's my first lead role and Meridian are coming back for 2006."

Pariz 1. "Buy in bulk and buy comfy. My shit needs to be bought, the mixtape Uncomplicated Vision is out now. I'm gonna be in the gym for a month straight."

Urkleman, man about town. "The bigger the glasses the better, and don't watch the stains."

The O'Sullivan Brothers, PJ & Shaun. "You gotta look tough and shave your head every morning, wooly hats are needed in the colder months, do it right and you'll still look thug. Just keep it real."

Nikki S & Nyke "We're going to try and take our music to a wider audience while looking as trash as ever. The Ska Riddim and Badaba are out now and the album's forever expanding. Our next mixtape will be Rodney & Del Boy with a lot of jokes. Keep it original, keep it sharp. Girls pull it off better than guys though."

Simon, Owner of music production company PTE, "I've always dressed street dapper. There's a lot of good music out now, I'm still backing Roll Deep. We made When I'm Ere, Heat Up, Reload It videos. I represent the directors Indica so we want to push forward with what we've started."

NEWSFLASH: Message to Danny Walker and all Dunlop haters from Street Politiks "Create your own style. Dunlops are coming back. When you were younger you'd cringe if your mum bought you them but we're older and wiser now, they're cheap, cheerful, look smart... Get to know!"

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