Wednesday, 3 May 2006


Back in March I read someone called NAT's myspace bulletin regarding another fallen soldier, his cousin. After a bit of discussion he wrote me this for my blog, now I don't necessarily agree with all that's written but at the same time, these situations are often best addressed by those around it, not those reporting it. You only have to read the Evening Standards initital report on the arrests of Goodz & Titch to know shits twisted in the streets and the papers. On a happier note, I think NAT's now joined Black Ops so check out his for beats and bars. He even knows someone called Cheesecake.

"1st off RIP Daniel "Chilly" Williams, another fallen soldier died on 9th March 2006. When you see movies like Menace 2 Society, even Scarface, somewhere in the film someone always gets murked. Now in reality it's like people are wanting to live out these films, it's all shank, shank, bang, bang. A lot of it is living up to a so called 'rep' but all 'rep' gets you is a 7 year stretch in HMP or 6 foot D Double E P. A lot of UK rap/grime artists feel they need to channel their energy into that and without saying names, they are wishing they did something better with their time. Now I'm an MC who spits on grime music (although I personally don't like that nametag, I prefer Eskibeat, Sublow or Dubstep) and I feel honestly as an artist that wants to be establised, that grime needs to focus on the more positive side of life cause society and the scene's stuck. Let's not talk about how many guns you've popped or man you've killed cause right about now that's air. Look at how many man have lost their life in your area in the last few weeks. Focus on how many units you have sold for your label or deeper things like how you like to spend Christmas, your family or your other half because trust me you see when you're locked up in hospital or worse, these are the things you actually appreciate. I'm trying to pin point what's really letting the scene down and us as people, as a movement. People are paying attention now because too many people are falling. My cousin dying has made me see, in relation to grime, that on a real, us man (from Nottingham), we are all listening to gangsta rap and grime, blurring the lines between fiction and reality, trying to live out some daft film with no happy ending. Don't ever get it twisted, I know real gun man, although I'm not one, but trying to use shooting a man or raping a girl as a way of attracting an audience or marketing your product is AIR. You gonna be proud of that? People really go through this shit and it's not how it's portrayed on telly. If that's what you want to do then do it, trust me real and I mean real man, ain't gonna say "Yeah I've got a 4.5 and I'm gonna use it," because they're too busy actually doing what they say they're gonna do. It really is dog eat dog in a gangsta's world and I say let all my dogs eat, standard. Positivity, that's what we need. N.A.T M.C"

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