Monday, 22 May 2006

Shh Hut Yuh Muh

151184094_d5fe1b2d8a_m, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I've never had this comparison before, it's a fluke I swear up, down, left, right, north, east, south and shit the bed, even west. Not only am I far more pikey looking, I'm a few stone heavier, way less shiny and the only ballers I know are on the under 13's cricket team. Hyper of is queen/trannie/king of many things grime comedy-like so I'll allow it like most mixtapes I've been listening to today (oh what a hard job, suck your groupie mum you poooomplex). Swinngggggg while you're at it. One thing though Hyper, and this is no patronising 'I'm trying to skool you' thing, cause I'm guilty of slippin' trust, but spotted a spelling mistake... should read "I'm funny. YOU'RE not. Simple." But I love you till the end, cupcakes, cherrys and naked Beckhams on top.


Brosnan (HF) said...

*slyly brings up the photoshop file and edits it hoping that nobody notices* only got a C in english so im slipping in them areas ...i try and make up for it in other areas! but any of minor little punctuation phrasing then let me know id rather take the cussing now than leave it for time ..

thanks vicky ... i mean channy banny with the big bucket fanny.. who on weekends dresses like a tranny..

love ya munchkinx x

tom said...

fiddy, scorcher spelt your name wrong on the inlay to his mixtape. licks, serious.

Brosnan (HF) said...

iv been waiting for that bloody mixtape from ukrecordshop for like a week and still NOTHING

The Duke said...


What's on @ The End


tom said...

i got the scorcher one like three days after ordering, but thats because ukrecordshop like me more than you.

it's all about the new clipse remix one right now though.