Monday, 24 July 2006

Drop The Lime, E Lock

Blues & Soul meet one of the new hero's from New York's underground dance scene's, Drop The Lime aka Luca Venezia, on the brink of his next European tour...

Q: Firstly, who is Drop The Lime?
DTL: Drop The Lime is me, Luca Venezia, when it comes to production and identifying the alias, but for tours/shows i'll bring guest artists along whether it be DJ's or musicians/ MC's, guest singers etc...

Q: Where did the name come from?
DTL: Ha ha. Take it to mean what you may want it to mean, so far the list of meanings for the name begins with tequila shots and ends with motorcycle racing rituals in india.

Q: I tracked you down after hearing a track on Mary Anne Hobbs' Breezeblock, you seem to have an ever widening fan base?
DTL: Things have been moving very quickly at the moment. Europe understands my sound better than America still, so yes, the fan base is growing globally.

Q: How long have you been in the game?
DTL: I was popping out mixtapes for girls when i was 9 years old, singing over dr 550 beats and casio basslines, so really I've been in the game for a while, but really, only for a few years. I was DJ'ing raves and loft parties here and there in New York and Philly, but my first releases only came out a few years back. They all leaned heavy on the leftfield side of things, dropping on labels like Ambush, Peace Off, and Mirex. It wasnt until two years ago that I began getting into grime, 4x4, baltimore club, and the like - Shadetek  and I began throwing grime and heavy bass parties here in New York city and that pushed me to focus more in the club sound of music with my production.

Q: Releases to date?
DTL: Shot Shot Hearts EP (Tigerbeat6 Records), Shot Gun Wedding Volume 4 ( DTL vs. Syrup Girls) - DJ mix CD covering grime, crunk, heavy bass - VT/Tigerbeat6 Records, Urban Collision EP -  DTL/ BLack Ham (RUFF01), Tribute To Tiger - Ghislain Porier / Drop The Lime (Shockout Records), Gal Yu Nuh Beg - Team Shadetek / Drop The Lime (Shockout Records), This Means Forever  LP (Tigerbeat6 Records), 1 For The Team (Broklyn Beats Records). These are the closest to date, I've also had the opportunity to collaborate with and remix heavy cats like Atki2, Chris Glover, Mathhead, Bong Ra, and Kid606. You can visit my discogs site for the full list

Q: Career highs/lo's?
DTL: I have always felt iffy on labeling your style, and sticking to a scene as an artist, I definitely came into the public as a "breakcore/ drill n bass" artist, when really my main interest has always been mixing genres old and new, what I grew up on in New York.  I've been able to meet so many fresh faces and click with artists I never would have 3 years ago now that I am producing more club oriented music. I was definitely worried about getting pigeonholed into breakcore, but with the positive response so far with this new album material worldwide, I'm excited for it to drop so people can understand that I'm an artist who integrates every style into something universally sound. I would never call what I make grime, or house or baltimore or whatever, its influenced by so many different styles that it is what is it. Dance music.

Q: The production aside, you DJ, what's a DTL set like?
DTL: It depends. I DJ and do live sets. A live set will consist of only material I've produced, and I sing on top of processed beats, altering samples with Ableton Live on a laptop. It's all about giving the crowd energy, sharing the feeling you get from the music. When I DJ I use vinyl though and make sure to switch it up and never stick to one specific genre all night long. I drop crunk like Crime Mob or Three Six Mafia over Low Deep, then throw in some Rod Lee Baltimore Breaks over a Dexplicit beat. By mixing things up, I'm able to get people into grime/ dubstep who are unfamiliar with it. Things tend to get real rowdy during sets. In New York i've got my trouble&Bass crew - Mathhead, and  Zak Shadetek who will jump in on a triple team set, that goes down heavy.
Q: You're currently touring and are due in the UK soon, what memories do you already hold from the British clubbing scene (good or bad)?
DTL: Dynamite. I love playing in the UK - more than 50% of what im influenced by and what i listen to /DJ is out of the UK so I can usually let go and drop the real bangers for people, ones that the US cant handle haha. I played at this party Toxic Dancehall @ The Blackswan in Bristol with Vex'd and Mathhead last December. It was bananas, I'm talking dirty filthy pub with ravers and hoods bumpin ankles and bows on the muddy dancefloor with subs so heavy I had ringing for weeks after. Was well worth it and a fantastic crew those Toxic dudes.

Q: What would be your perfect night out?
DTL: Even though I travel and play out (aka party) for a living, you'd think i'd want to chill at home and drink tea and watch the tube, but really its not like that. I thrive off of going out and keeping ragers. I like to jump around to different spots, may be a New York thing because you can walk everywhere, but I never like to stay put at one spot because you have the option to move about. Landing at a club around 3/4am with a weighty sound system toasting with the crew, or on top of a rooftop is where its at. New York City has the roof parties on lock, especially during summertime, crack a 40 oz and youre gold.

Q: What are you listening to right now?
DTL: Trick Daddy - Thug Matrimony, married to the streets, Tittsworth new 12" EP, Mr. Slash - The Concerto EP, Kites - Hungry EP, Justice - Waters of Nazareth 
David Bowie - Low LP, Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly, T.I - ASAP, Juelz Santana - Oh Yes,
Team Shadetek feat. 77klash - Brooklyn Anthem, DMZ007 - Anti War Dub/Haunted, Bogeyman - Smelly.

Q: Tell us something about yourself we might be surprised to hear?
DTL: I can speak fluent Italian and make magic in the kitchen.

Q: Forthcoming releases...
DTL: We Never Sleep - new full length dropping on Tigerbeat6 Records, Spring 2006, T&B01, Trouble & Bass presents EP in Fall 2006.

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