Tuesday, 15 August 2006

The Grimiest

BET's take on grime, recently aired in the USA. Big up Chris from the Firin Squad for this one.


dotBen said...

Hey Chantelle,

Thanks for posting this -- and being involved in the making of the video too.

It's really good that informative stuff like this is being made - to get other people aware of the scene but also for the scene to be reflective back on to itself.

I'm one of those 'white boys' living in Bethnal Green who loves the music but really not feeling the heavyness side of the scene.

I can't play UKG and esp Grime outside of East London because everyone assoicates it with violence.

The peeps needs to decide whether they want to sort themselves out, get a wider following and get themselves a better life through music. Like Dizzee, Wiley etc.

Or whether they want to continue to fight, and die, and make what they can over slim pickings of an underground scene.

Anyway love your blog, love your flickr photo stream. Keep up the repping Lady Fiddy,

Peace + respect 4 ever

(BTW: can you change your blog to allow comments from peeps without blogger - it's an option in the blog setup. I just had to signup for a blog @ Blogger to post this to you!)

alex bkbk said...

very American to play up the dramatic guns angle. Where is the voiceover from, i can't place her accent?!