Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Murked By Mummy?

27077_w, originally uploaded by chantelle.

At least I know someone reads... "You may add my comment to your blog please. I am interested to know how can you have non-brands when every item is made by somebody/company therefore that in itself is a branded item. I may only shop at Asda, my sweet, but your jeans will be by 'George' which if I am not mistaken is a brand. As is Asda! Your trainers for instance may well have been made by an 'unknown' company but it will be their brand and logo on the bottom of the shoe! Correct me if I am wrong? In respect of your piece on Lily Allen, I don't think you need to comment anymore on playground politics, you're a big girl - move on. However, I must say I never did much go for your 'retro look' but hey, it's not me going out wearing it, and if it makes you happy, what's it got to do with anyone else. Wear it and be proud! Re: joke about maths instruction - old - heard it before! Nice to see some new updated items on your blog. Your number one fan, lots of love Mummy x

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