Sunday, 10 September 2006

Newham Generals

A version of this article appears in Dummy Magazine
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

“…I represent E7 which is in Newham/Any MC wanna test gonna do ‘em/whether it’s inside or outside Newham/Bet you any money I’ll go straight through ‘em…” echo’s D Double E, one third of the Newham Generals, on the mic at club night Forward, reputed for it’s dedication to a grime and dubstep inspired generation. Unlike many grime crews, the three soldier strong Newham Generals (alongside their DJ Tubby), boast not only a small, extremely tight unit, but one that flits easily between the various electronic genres that have taken hold of the underground scene in London, their diverse fanbase growing rapidly as a result. In fact it’s unlikely you’ll find an MC or producer that doesn’t respect, rate or take inspiration from Footsie, Monkey or D Double E, and no doubt why Dizzee Rascal has signed them up to his Dirtee Stank label. “It just kinda happened,” Footsie explains. “We all knew Dizzee from back in the day and we’d rather be with someone who’s doing It and is in touch with what’s going on than hold out for something unrealistic… we’ve actually got a shot (to be heard) this way.” Childhood friends, the three early-twenty-somethings (all funnily enough residing in the borough of Newham), had found earlier street fame with Nasty Crew, the ultimate team that at it’s peak also boasted Kano, Jammer and Ghetto. Leaving to form the Generals late in 2003, they’ve been developing their sound since, each member bringing their own unique style to the table, be it lyrically or at the mixing desk, (Footsie once compairng their individual skills to ‘different types of good weed’). Having completed a tour with Dizzee already, the priority now is putting the finishing touches to their debut album, Generally Speaking, which the Newhams promise will be a self-produced, strictly gritty affair. Then there’s the (delayed) mixtape, Welcome To Newham Vol.1 which is due out any time soon. “We’re not rushing just trust us”, says D Double, a mic legend if ever there was one (check Birds In The Sky and Signal for evidence), speaking on the release that been due since last year. “We’ve been putting the work in for years and we’re not about to stop now. We don’t watch other people, just know we’re raw and ready.”

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