Saturday, 30 September 2006

Log On

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

He's the latest edition to the Kiss100 family tree and resident at 333's Straight Outta Bethal. Meet and greet the one like DJ Logan Sama...

People love to hate Logan Sama: Agree or disagree?
LS: I can't think of more than about 3 people. So I would disagree. The address of Kiss100 is on the website and I do a live show. No one's been waiting outside so far.

Before grime I was...
LS: Wondering why Garridge wasn't as good as the stuff I was enjoying between 96 and 2000 anymore, and what to do with all these Roll Deep tunes that weren't even close to 138bpm.... and then it all clicked one day.

You're resident at Straight Outta Bethnal, describe a Logan Sama set
LS: Mobbish served with a side order of oneaway.

Favourite tunes at moment?
LS: My dubs are like my children, I couldn't pick a favourite over the others. I am secretly proud of the response a few of them are getting over the others though.

Most memorable DJing experience (funny would be good)?
LS: Technically I had finished my set, but it was all one big booking anyway... but standing on a giant gazebo in a park on a cold night in Belgium with Skepta, JSD and a Plast(ered)ician working his way through his second litre of Vodka, while Jammer got a disgusting reload spitting Murkleman bars over Smack My Bitch Up. Surreal yet it all made perfect sense somehow.

What are you working on?
LS: Crushing all those who oppose me.

Last book you read?
LS: Last week I read a history of Vlad Tepes, Gates of Fire which describes the battle of Thermypolae and I re-read the Watchmen hardback graphic novel, which I make a point of doing every few months.

If you had to write a personal ad, what would it be?
LS: Is that where you use all those acronyms like GSH? And people blame the internet and text messaging for the death of the written English language? I ell-oh-ell in their general direction.

Do you think Shoreditch is full of pricks?
LS: Only on the 4th Friday of every month.

To piss off Logan Sama you should...
LS: I would say tell people not to give me tunes, but that ire wore off and now it is more amusing than anything. So probably it would have to be people who don't bathe properly before they come to a rave, that always bothers me these days. There's no need. I'm asthmatic, so the last thing I need to be tasting when I am trying to gasp for air in a skunk smoke filled club is sweaty pits.

Who gets more groupies, MC's or DJ's?
LS: MCs. DJs don't actually get booked enough to get groupies.

Has a ladyboy every tried it on with you when you've been abroad? What
would you do?
LS: Pause

What's coming up
LS: Ripperman - Rubble EP and Wiley - Gangsterz are both out now on my Adamantium Music imprint in conjunction with their respective labels. Scorcher - Chance Us and Skepta - Autopsy will be out in April. Narstie & Solo - Brushman is coming out in May. My mixtape will finally come out in April now that the studio I recorded half the tunes in is back up and running. And I am going to be doing some CD releases with Skepta, Wiley, Scorcher and Ruff Sqwad. And for all you holiday goers I am doing the first ever 100% new Grime compilation CD for you to take to wherever it is you are flying to get drunk and collect STDs like Pokemon cards this summer. So not much from me really.

Where can we hear you?
LS: On Kiss 100 doing the world's only 100% Grime radio show every Monday night 11pm GMT on FM radio in London, DAB, Freeview and Sky Digital Nationwide, and online worldwide at,

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