Sunday, 22 October 2006

Sov & Missy

sovconcert, originally uploaded by chantelle.

They've teamed up on the remix of 'Love Me Or Hate Me' and you can download from Pitchfork here

Other Sovereign news, the video for the single 'Love Me Or Hate Me' is currently number 1 on TRL and is riding high on American itunes. It's also received plays on Ugly Betty, The O.C and Oxygen's upcoming Bad Girls Club. It's even on EA's ultra-hot new underground street racing video game, Need for Speed, to be released November 1st. As if that wasn't enough Love Me Or Hate Me is also the lynchpin behind the exciting multi-million dollar music-based national television, radio, print, and online campaign for Chocolate, the ultimate mobile phone introduced in the U.S. this summer by Verizon Wireless.

The album lands there on 31st October (still no word on the UK release mind you) while the American tour kicks off tomorrow. Quite a touch, she's also lined up to appear on the David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel shows.

Who needs the UK afterall?


Ben Metcalfe said...

Hey Chantel

So in the last month or so I've defected away from the mean streats of Bethnal Green to West Coast USA (San Francisco, in fact) for a supposed new life.

When I got here I couldn't believe how big Lady Sov is here -- it's insane! This is what happens when JayZ signs you - "f**k UK, let's make G's in the USA, baby!".

It's actually somewhat dissapointing because now I realise that the reason L Sov is not as big as she should be in the UK is not because she isn't popular, it's because her management aren't promoting her there. They've decided to cash in here in the US (LG Chocolate deals etc)

I think that's really bad considering she's a London artist, and to some extent she's forgotten her roots.

I'm hopefully going to be attending the San Francisco leg of her tour here in Mezzanine, San Fran so I'll let you know how it goes.

BTW, I can't believe it but there is a grime and dubstep scene here in San Francisco! A couple of ex-London MC's and a ton of American rappers who put on a faux-East-London accent. It's all Ali-G in reverse and quite funny.

Anonymous said...

she needs to get her skinny white ass back here and do some shows.