Monday, 6 November 2006

Shameless RWD

shamelessrwd, originally uploaded by chantelle.

“Fucking, X Factor singing, R&B, half German, wannabe… I’m trying to find Plan B cause I’ve heard that he can rap and that/Allow the sound clashes, all the long talk and the battle raps…” And that’s just the beginning of Shameless’ venomous lyrics which appear on ‘Pass That’, one of the current rap tracks heating up the roads, pavements and alleyways. “He’s only hating cause I’m signed and he ain’t, jealous prick/he says I sold out quick, but he’s only underground cause he’s shit…” Plan B later retorts. But this is no 8 mile attempt to create some hype, it’s a collaboration they laid down following the funeral of a mutual friend, which now features on DJ MK’s album, Above Board.

While the two rappers, who met during their school days, will naturally be deemed rivals, they have little in common bar the predictable likelihood they’ll be compared to Eminem, and influences which range from The Clash to Tupac and Skibba D. “Where I’ve grown up is a hot pot of talent. I play guitar and piano too but my main focus has been the rap, I’ve never wanted anyone to think I can’t rap because I’m some white guy who might go to work listening to Nirvana but bumping Biggie on the way home”, explains Shameless from the studio where he’s laying down more tracks for his debut album, due out early 2007.

East London born and bred, 25 year old Shameless started out initially in punk bands as well as hitting the mic jungle style in his teens, which goes some way in explaining the snappy flow. His recent freestyle, (accompanied by a video), over the Arctic Monkeys ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, generated media attention from Hip Hop Connection to NME. With only a few releases to date, the main attractions being ‘U Never Know’, ‘Concrete Waves’, ‘A Shameless Introduction’ and ‘Bless’, the buzz has slowly but surely building for the next round of proverbials.

“It’s got to the point where I’ve decided to quit my job. I’ve been a shit daytime TV editor for years, I’ve grafted, but It’s not my passion. I’m going to make this music thing one way or another.”

‘Pass That’ is available on DJ MK ‘Above Board’ out now on Antidote.
‘When The Sun Goes Down freestyle’ can be downloaded from

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

A version of this article appears in the new issue of RWD

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