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London Paper 7

1st December 2006
London Paper Column
On The Scene
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

In the same way that the tenth shot of vodka seems to creep up on you and leave your legs lacking in co-ordination, Christmas has well and truly bestowed itself upon us again. And while that friggin’ goose is still getting fat, our pockets are getting thinner thanks to festive demands, parties and impromptu rounds of drinks. But putting your wallet on a stricter diet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality clubbing control. Despite living in one of Europe’s most expensive cities, if you know where to go, there’s plenty of freeness on offer without trying to blag guestlist or having to rush the door.

Fast becoming acknowledged as one of London’s best new venues, The Big Chill House, (part of the ever expanding Big Chill empire), located in the heart of Kings Cross, boasts three floors of music, a moonlit balcony, a balconied dining room and cosy nooks and crannies for those armed with mistletoe. If that’s not tempting enough, you can book a table or secure your spot in area’s such as The Love Inn, Finlandia Cabin, Naxos Nook, Enchanted Bar or Lulworth Lounge by ringing 0207 427 2541. If you can fix up your face in time and be inside by 11pm tonight, then you’ll have gained free entry into the Balearic electronic disco. The same applies to Pretzel Logic tomorrow, a night dedicated to really smooth music from the likes of Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates. Electro-crooner Grosvenor, who’s recently supported current hotness Hot Chip on tour, will play live while upstairs there’s dirty funk and rock ‘n’ roll.

The brains behind the successful Anti-Social night at Shoreditch’s Bar Music Hall, Ya Mum Ya Dad, present Blok Party at Candy Bar, Carlisle Street on Monday. Drinks are £2 and you can request the house, techno and electro selection you want to hear, heck, they even say “it’s a playground or foul-mouthed teenagers, with bad make-up, to binge drink on a school night.” What more do you want - and don’t say an extension on your report, although after a night here you’ll probably need it.

Fancy trying something a bit more alternative? Dress up and dance for Hula Boogie at South London Pacific, a tiki lounge and cocktail bar on Kennington Road where you can polish up your jive moves at their Dec 12th soiree which promises stompin’ music from the 1930’s and 1950’s, thanks to DJ’s Miss Aloha and Reverend Boogie. As it’s Brother Aloha’s Big Birthday Bash, there’s also going to be burlesque, cakes and other goodies thrown into the mix – all for zilch. Nothing. Capiche?

If you believe that you get what you pay for, there’s plenty on this week for a limited budget, one highlight being Dirty Canvas at the ICA who are hosting Skitz Beatz album launch this Saturday with performances from President T, Ruff Sqwad, JME, Jammer and many more. With entry a mere £6 and plenty of night buses near the venue, the only concern might be whether that bottle of under the counter, throat stripping Turkish vodka will fit in your handbag.

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