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January 12th
London Paper Column
On The Scene
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

It might be raining outside but January is usually considered the driest month in the clubbing calendar. That all looks set to change though. Regardless of the weather this weekend, get your sales bargains on and your umbrella out. One of the most exciting new nights London has seen for years, launches this Saturday at Scala, Kings Cross.

Chalk, the brainchild of promoter Andy Peyton and Caius Tawson (better known as Young Turks, an A&R for XL Recordings, DJ, club promoter the rest), are set to resurrect Saturday nights. Showcasing the best new bands and giving a leg-up to the superstar DJ’s of tomorrow, they’re going to be the place to really find out what’s hot. And forget one headliner. Chalks first line-up alone boasts live sets from the Mystery Jets (679 Recordings), Jack Penate (who’s set to make quite an impact this year as one of XL’s latest signings), Cajun Dance Party and The Bishops. On the DJ front you’ve got Hot Chip (EMI), Nadia Ksaiba, Matthew !Wowow!, The Whore Moans, The Lovely Jonjo and a whole lot more spread out over the three rooms. With tickets only £8.50 in advance, your best friend tonight might just be

At only 20 years old, Tawson’s youth is also giving Chalk much of it’s cutting-edge, cool appeal. “We want to showcase the best in live music, any genre, any act and put the spotlight back on DJs. In the future we’ll incorporate acoustic stuff as well…” he explains. “To me Errol Alkan is the most important DJ in London and he’s been doing what he’s doing and is still relevant 10 years after he started Trash. If we can still be relevant after 10 years – or even 10 weeks, I’ll be happy.”

Seb of DJ duo Tapedeck, booked for Chalk on the 27th January, agrees this night could boost a number of DJs on the rise. “Everyone’s excited because they’re offering something new, not what’s tried and tested. And the nu-wave of DJ’s trying to make moves, like us and Skull Juice, they’re giving us a spotlight alongside people like Switch who would play the main room of Fabric. There’s a definite hunger for this.”

Elsewhere, the pundits have equally high expectations for clubbing in 2007. Ralph Moore, Senior Music Editor at leading dance magazine Mixmag expects the rave/ rock axis to spin harder and faster than ever before. “With NYC’s LCD Soundsystem returning with their stellar 2nd album, a slew of young, disco-loving rock-ravers will follow in their wake. Other names to look out for include Joakim, Nightmoves, Van She, New Young Pony Club, Digitalism, The Black Ghosts, Crystal Castles and French upstarts Justice, whose new single ‘D.A.N.C.E’ and b-side ‘Phantom’ (currently blowing up clubs) are dafter than Thomas Bangalter’s tight leather gloves. Glowsticks, however, are going to be entirely optional.”

Now If only clubs would bring back the free whistles.

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