Saturday, 17 February 2007

Live 23 Out Now!

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If you're in south London you may have picked up the new LIVE already, if not keep your eyes peels with 20,000 copies being dropped in the area. Remember it's for young people, by young people.

In the new issue find out who the team are tipping for 2007, the reality of being a young, single, mum, what goes on in the mind of a high maintenance female, a first hand account of living life under a veil, plus meet three rising sports stars, check the new street style page, read interviews with L.Man, Chamillionaire, Jamie Woon, Essentials, an essential guide to bands, all the local news and much more!

And don't forget If you're aged 13-22 and want to contribute to LIVE Magazine as a writer, designer, poet, illustrator, photographer or want more info, then drop me a line Based in south London, the mag is done by young people for young people and published quarterly. With a new issue about to drop, it's perfect time to get involved and get your mugshot up in the pages. You'll be mentored in your chosen field by industry professionals who will try and help you achieve your personal and career goals.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this before, it's great to have met some of you down in Brixton.

Given the spate of shootings in south London involving young people, LIVE need your views, opinions and contributions more than ever. There's no simple soloution to what is going on, but what do you the young people think can be or should be done? Do you feel safe in your area? What are your experiences? Whether you just want to offer your two pence worth or have an essay to pen on the subject, please get in touch or leave a comment here.

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