Monday, 12 February 2007

NY feat Purple - Fire

I'm not batting for the other team but I LOVE NY and I LOVE THIS SONG. Been on the system for about a year now which is saying ALOT. "Fire" by Ny featuring Purple, is the 1st release off Ny's forthcoming mixtape "Split Endz Volume Two"(although the original minus Purple features on Volume 1). Released in the UK in March on True Tiger Recordings.The video is currently on rotation on MTV Base.

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dj4mula said...

I ran into your site a few days ago and love it. I'm from Canada and my knowledge of the grime scene is pretty limited to what I hear in the small rooms that the Drum N Bass DJ's play. Anyways, I co-host a radio show that plays international hip-hop and rnb. We've been playing SoV, Kano, Dizzee, Ms. Dynamite and So Solid crew. I would love to get more information on Grim for the show. You got msn or Aim? If so, holla at me. dj4mula at hotmail dot com