Sunday, 25 February 2007

One For The Kids?

very scarey preggers barbie, originally uploaded by Chaymation.

Possibly one of the most bizarre barbies - ever - my sister owns one and there's even a magnetic stomach that you put over the hole, until your read to act out scenes of labour or whatever children do with pregnant barbies. On a similar note, the JumpOff have teamed up with the ‘Want Respect’ campaign, aimed at targeting sexually active teens in England and cutting pregnancy rates amongst the young. Check out the video clips at or


jumpjumpkatie said...

your right its scary. e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

Its not scary, I had one as a child and it was my favourite toy. It makes where babies come from an easy talkable subject, Why should we hide our children away from reality? Babies are not found in cabbage patches or brought by fairies. It does not detract from their innocence, having some truth in their lives. AJ

Anonymous said...

I missed pregnant Barbie (born too late) and it's a big regret of mine that I did.