Saturday, 7 April 2007

Back To Skool

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When I actually read certain music forums, I kick myself for doing so. They're always a bitter reminder of how small minded people can be.
I still feel guilt about taking someone's sandwich from their lunchbox when I was five, we're all different, but I don't know how some forum users live with their conscience. I'm not holier than thou but my heart goes out to all of you this Easter.

For a number of years I've worked on not allowing criticism to weigh me down but at time it can get to you. That's why now I'm like whatever. And this is my world of whatever.

I may like some grime music and have written about it considerably, but it's not a priority in my work or my life. I've explained countless times before that if you don't see me write about something - be it a mixtape or an artist - then I'm probably not into it. I'm not that much of an egotistical freak that I think something not to my liking deserves a royal slagging off. I don't like people speaking negatively of my work when they have no clue how the industry works or how hard it is to become a successful freelancer so why should I do it to MC Swag and his crew of hopefuls? I've got much bigger fish to fry. And what one person detests another person loves, so go find that person.

I've also had a slight realisation in terms of myself. I no longer read music magazines, bar the odd feature or review, for pleasure. I do it because I have to. I find interviewing and the process after laborious. As a result I've moved on and only do bits I really want to. Currently I'm happy doing my London Paper Column, monthly reviews for Mixmag, editing Blues & Soul dance section (if you want something covered Hyperfrank should be contacted for the grime side) and features where and when appropriate.

I'm not denying that a culmination of experience led me to change my direction, but more so it was simply down to growing up and needing to move forward. We all get to a point where we can't be arsed with hassle. I rarely write about grime now because most of it isn't cutting it - for me - anymore. It's got nothing to do with the individuals behind it, I've had rows with a fair few but they're all laughed about now. I'm not going to waste my days saying the same old shit. I just want to listen to music and take it for what it is. I don't want the story behind it or want to know how the producer came up with a loop or how DJ Doughnut lost his records in a lake.

Since becoming a mentor at LIVE Magazine in Brixton, teaching a range of youth from 13-22, it's changed my perspective and career for the better. It also helps me shrug my shoulders in the face of adversity or in this instance, petty forum users. On this note I'd like to give a special shout out to the likes of Jenny from Slopshire for the necessity they feel to attack other women from behind a computer, that they don't know anything about. I'm not a feminist but it's true what a lot of people say about women. Gone are the days we held arms and marched together for the vote. Divided we stand.

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