Saturday, 7 April 2007


horsesmouth, originally uploaded by chantelle.

A piece I did on mentoring for the Horsesmouth journal. is aimed at helping people to help each other through online mentoring. We all have experiences and lessons in life to share - but not always the time to be able to go and help out or volunteer - well now you can volunteer and help people from your desk or home! So now there's no excuse. Horsesmouth is social networking with a purpose. If ebay is about the stuff you’ve got locked up in the attic then horsesmouth is about the stuff you’ve
got locked up in your head and heart. All that ‘stuff’ could be really
valuable to people facing the same choices and challenges; people you might otherwise never meet and who would never be lucky enough to meet you. With everyone helping each other, just imagine how many lives can be improved, how many painful or tricky situations can be avoided and how many exciting new opportunities in life, work and learning can be opened up! Register now and the first 1,000 people get a copy of the limited edition journal.

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