Thursday, 5 April 2007

Ideal If You're A Pillhead

Black Lapin Flyer Colour.indd, originally uploaded by chantelle.

When you've been in journalism a while, you lose that 'star struck' feeling. When doing the likes of Pharrell, Missy or Justin, it's more about nerves than anything else. But when Steve Beale from Arena contacts me it's like Perez Hilton belling me with a blog excluse. I don't know why. I've never met him, I like his writing, although at times he makes me feel a tad sick, maybe it's because Arena is the only magazine I actually have a paid for subscription to. Anyway, he's told me about a warehouse party happening on Saturday called 'New Rave For Old People'. Beale puts it like so "Al Usher is Ewen Pearson's Batman and Tim Red is a underground hero, plays for Secret Sundayze, Terry Hart and all that crowd. It's ideal if you're a pillhead out in Shoreditch on Saturday night and you can't face some blokey warehouse party with lots of coked up date rapists. Our promo material mentions Jesus." So there you have it.

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