Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Just Blaze, JME, Skepta & Klashnekoff

The results of the Blacktronica and Playstation 110 Sessions, where Just Blaze built a beat in front of an audience which was then vocalled live by JME, Skepta and Klashnekoff, can now be heard. Big up Charlie Dark, Zaid and co for the invite and putting on the event. Experimental flavour for your nostril.


Nathan said...


Anonymous said...

not really feeling it.
"me and jme sold so many t-shirts, we made versace look like a fool." << i liked that line tho

Anonymous said...

yeh i think i would appreciate it more if i saw em do it live. But generally really glad something like this was happening... Its about time we got some decent exposure and it couldn't of gone to any better MCs.. JME, Skepta and K-Lash are killin it at the moment. Big!

kool4eva said...

THAT'S BIG.. nice that they gave it to us for free as well..

the video on jme's myspace is jokes.. that sony place looks sick..