Monday, 7 May 2007

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Chantelle Fiddy

One of the hottest tickets to have is for the Blacktronica and Playstation present 110 Sessions (so named because that’s how few people will be allowed into the venue). Taking places at the 3Rooms, a secret bespoke pop-up venue in the east end created by Sony, it boasts a screening room, digital interactive area and a bar complete with widescreen LCDs, Playstation 3 consoles, PSPs, Cybershot digital cameras and Handycams. Having already created a buzz amongst those who were invited to test out the equipment (note, I wasn’t one of them), this Friday levels will be risen even higher with American super-producer Just Blaze being flown in. Once inside the club he’ll be recording a track, in front of the audience, with UK MCs Klashnekoff, Skepta and JME while graphic designer Brent Rollins records the experience. The aftermath will be available for all to see over at where you can also find out how to blag into future events on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re less of a chancer then Plastic Little are also here all the way from Philadelphia. Given they’re from the more quirky school of hip hop, you’ll find them wowing fashionistas at YoYo, Nottinghill Arts Club tonight, Fabric on Friday and Queenz Of Noize’s night at Plastic People on Monday. They describe their sound as being like ‘the song you were accidentally conceived to. Minus the outdated condom your dad kept in his wallet for 6 months because, lets face it, your pop is a loser. A no ass getting whimp. But you're cool though.’ Influences on the otherhand range from Bonnie Raitt and Sade to Disney and skeeting (which in non-rap terms means to ejaculate on someone… or something).

A less frightening, solely British, alternative is the re-launch of I’m Not In Love, a celebration of singledom now set to run at the Islington Academy on the second Friday of every month. The brainchild of BBC London Radio DJ Sean ‘Guilty Pleasures’ Rowley, it’s outgrown the Bloomsbury Bowling Alley, The Social and The Lock Tavern since it’s birth on Valentines day five years ago. Putting a new spin on the dating experience, among the entertainment are The Laundrettas, a 15 strong troupe of fifties housewives who ‘like to bring a little love and light into this depressed and cynical civilisation…’ With their Departure Lounge of Love expect to have your emotional baggage sorted. If you’re still not getting lucky, relationship counsellor Dr Oates is also on hand complete with his couch. While they can’t promise you’ll find a suitor, with a playlist that includes Wilson Phillips, Heart, Bonnie Tyler, George Michael, Spandau Ballet and Chicago, at least you won’t have to wait until the cab ride home for power ballads and love songs from the erection section.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

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