Thursday, 24 May 2007

London Paper 24

If you’ve had enough of everything New Rave, emo and funky house then here’s something new for your weekend. Men’s mag and style journalists Alex Rayner and Justin Quirk have started the yacht rock revival. Lost? Then think 80s Balearic which, according to Quirk, “taps into a really interesting period in music that not many other people are covering”.

It’s also tipped as the next thing in the world of fashion, and they’re encouraging the clientele to look the part, so delve into the depths of your wardrobe and get your Wham! T-shirt on. We’re talking white jeans, straw hats, espadrilles, bikinis and enormous sunglasses. Rumour has it Quirk might even don a pair of Speedos. The launch of Magnum presents The Balearic Lounge takes place at the aptly chosen Champagne Bar at the Great Eastern Hotel in Shoreditch this Saturday.

Not a fan of the 80s linen look? Well, the people behind Platform 12 at Canvas, Kings Cross are also trying something new this Saturday but there won’t be a pair of loafers in sight. Usually known for their love of breaks and beats, they are trying their hand at billing live bands.

Taking the headline spot are electropop stars Cicada – think Tiga, New Order, Blondie and Daft Punk rolled into one – who, following an international tour, are returning for festival season. Also taking centre stage is superstar DJ Mason (behind the chart smash ‘Exceeder’), Kid Kenobi, A-Skillz, beat boxer Faith SFX and residents Clive Morley, Ladykilla and m1¢®ØLõV® (Microlovr). Early bird tickets are only £10 but it’s £16.50 on the door so hit up to save money.

But if you want to get really down and dirty on Friday instead, then look no further than Fabric Live in Farringdon. Consistent in their line-ups, this is a club night that helps you feel younger thanks to the many sweaty students who dance till they drop, quite literally, on one of the many stairways. If I’m still not selling it to you, then how does the Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, The Teenagers, Crystal Castles, Filthy Dukes on one line-up sound? Mind you, I’d go just to check out the anti-bling stylings of The Elektrons (pictured) aka turntable alchemists Justin and Luke Unabomber.

Having built up their credentials on the basement ethos of their Manchester club, Electric Chair, they’re now on the verge of releasing their debut album, Red Light, Don’t Stop. Expect an insanely good mix ranging from soul to ghetto funk. But for the £20 entry fee, you’d hope so.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

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