Wednesday, 30 May 2007

World Of Grime?

Liberty St. in Ann Arbor, originally uploaded by AvarusMentis.

Some people messaged me about the blog name change a while back then today, someone mentioned that it had been bought up on RWD forum. If you're actually interested, it's not that I don't like or write about grime anymore, it's just with less time to blog and a more varied work load, it no longer suited the content. Gone are the days when every mag and their mum wanted to feature grime artists - you will, however, catch my Wiley piece in the new issue of Tank Magazine. And my blog was initially designed as a place to put my published work and any ramblings that didn't suit the print domain. Nowadays, life is a bit different. Gone are the days of working as a freelance recluse. As well as working with a record label two days a week, I now mentor young people on LIVE magazine in Brixton two days a week and still have to juggle blogging, my London Paper column, work for Mixmag, Blues & Soul, and whoever else may be on the books at said time. I'm also a firm believer in trying to avoid writing about stuff I don't like. And no one can tell me they like everything in grime or any other genre for that matter. If it warrants it, I'll pitch it. If It's worthy, you'll read it. But I can't deny that although I'm still stressing, it's a more personal work related stress than before, when my life was governed by what grime was, or wasn't, coming out. Unfortunately, there comes a time in everyone's life where making real money is more important than what you like doing. Before you say an artist has sold out, bare that in mind.

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