Thursday, 7 June 2007

London Paper 27

It is nothing less than absolute frustration when you turn up to a club and face the ultimate humiliation of being turned away because you don’t look the part. During the boxing boot fad, I begged and pleaded with bouncers at Ministry to let me in because I’m in that small minority that refuses to go dancing in heels. I can’t think of anything worse; blisters, bunions, dirty feet and a far greater chance of falling head over arse when trying a Michael Jackson move. Being the nice sort they were, I got in. Generally, though, where dress code is concerned, girls have got one up on the guys. Not only is it easier for us to blag, but we’re far less likely to be affected by the more common dress code no-nos: trainers and caps. Occasionally, or typically when urban music events are concerned, you may even be refused entry if you are wearing Prada shoes. Although­ I’m yet to see it specified on a flyer, ladies need not fear; it’s the men they’re out to get once again. Given that Pradas cost far more than a pair – make that three pairs – of Clarks, one can only assume Prada is now suffering a fate similar to Burberry. While clubs put it down to Prada shoes looking too much like trainers, the brand has also been assumed as the footwear of trendy troublemakers. Having suffered a similar fate is the hooded jumper. Even David Cameron’s “hug a hoodie” appeal and a growing number of designer options haven’t changed its status in the clubs. While you shouldn’t be throwing away your collared shirt or shoes just yet, one promoter has decided to show love to hoodies of all ages (yes, even under 18s are welcome). Hoodratz will take place on Sunday at The Dome in Tufnell Park and, if you wear your hooded jumper, you get £1 off the £9 admission charge. Heavy on the grime and dance music, JME, Tiger Force, Tinchy Stryder, Bolt Action 5, GoldieLocks, Electric Spoon and Outlaw all play live. On the DJ front, expect sets from Logan Sama, Baseball Furies, Tapedeck, Example, Mac 3000, Adhdjs and Snaggle Brothers. If you can’t wait until Sunday, then go to Scala in King’s Cross on Saturday. Promoter Lee Rider (Chalk) has teamed up with Tom Baker (Eat Your Own Ears) for a new night, Neon. The 9 June event stars Talk Taxis, Ratty Rat Rat, Blondelle, Bloody Awful Poetry (hosting room 2), STR8 Necklin Crew and Eyoe DJs. What to wear? The promoter says: “If you look respectable, you won’t get in.” Phew.


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