Monday, 9 July 2007

London Paper 30

ON THE SCENE Chantelle Fiddy
It would be easy to think that Glastonbury was only about mud, mud, mud and mud. But mud aside, one of the festival season highlights is of course getting to hear new music. If however you’re looking for fresh music action minus the sludge, Corsica Studios, in Elephant & Castle is the current venue everyone seems to want to throw parties at or check out. Not strictly a nightclub, it’s a community-encompassing, independent, not-for-profits art organisation run by Amanda Moss and Adrian Jones. “As artists ourselves we have always created unique environments which have allowed us to combine our own studio practices with locations for cross-platform art, music and club events… We are not ( and never have been ) interested in running a nightclub and commercial motivation is not our main priority,” explained Jones. “Corsica is definitely getting more attention at this moment but we've been here for five years and have had amazing nights from day one, its just that they've usually been word of mouth events which have never been advertised. Sometimes its just better that the general public doesn't know that much about us…”

But just like a good man, there’s no holding Corsica down, especially with promotions like tXtXtXt presents Born Under Punches, kicking off tonight. Critically acclaimed, Eel Pie Island based band, the Mystery Jets, are going to be unveiling forthcoming material from their second album (not due until next year) for the first time ever, anywhere. If you’ve heard ‘Elizabeth’ on their myspace page then you’ll know that alone is worth the £7.50 entrance fee. Two other bands tipped for success this year, Late Of The Pier and Noah & The Whale, also make appearances. If you want to keep it more dance-based, then go for DJ Riton who’s following in the footsteps of his good friend Erol Alkan (voted the Worlds Best DJ by Mixmag and founder of the legendary club night Trash). If he doesn’t get in any hot lists in 2008 then I’ll bin my leggings and start wearing high heels. Also on the decks are Matthew !WOWOW!, Tapedeck, Fallout and (given the rise of Chlymida) the excellently named STDJS. Check the blog over at for more.

Switching up the program on Friday it’s Electric Storm which is described by the team as ‘a fusion of Gothic Victorian decadence with a twit of late 60s beatnik pop and futuristic jazz. Live performances come from Polar Beat, Trost and 1927 with a DJ and VJ set by The Clerkenwell Kid who plays a selection of 1920s and 30s dancehall. They’ll also be designer cakes, cucumber sandwiches, truffles and absinthe served in the Absinthe Parlour.

With NYC disco legends in the wings and hot new acts doing their Reading warm up shows at Corsica over the next six months, you won’t need to worry about your sanity – or wellies for that matter.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper (June 2007)

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