Monday, 30 July 2007

London Paper 34

ON THE SCENE Chantelle Fiddy

My heart goes out to male clubbers again this week. When it comes to selecting an outfit to wear of an evening, your choices are already somewhat limited, unless you’re into drag of course. And it was only recently some of you were crying into your Moet, pushing your Prada loefahs and such to the back of the wardrobe and here I am again with news that another brand has fallen foul of the footwear police. Join me in a moment of silence for Timbaland's, the latest soles to be given the boot (pun intended). Once again it seems to be an attack on urban culture, the ban making it’s mark on R&B and hip hop nights. One such event where Timb's are resigned to the black list and only ‘hard soles’ are allowed is How Does It Feel, taking place this Saturday at Silks & Spice Temple Court, EC4. If you get your Sunday best out and are over the age of 21, DJs on the night include Hotsteppa, Pioneer, Elliot Ness and Cold As Ice.

With the rain still lashing the fun out of weekend evenings, maybe we need to worry about the fate of flip flops and whether wellies have a chance of becoming the latest club fad. It’s not that absurd an idea either given reports from some Soho clubs that, thanks to the on-going success of Rihanna’s smash hit ‘Umbrella’, punters are getting their brollies out on the dancefloor. Hattie Collins, editor of RWD Magazine, couldn’t believe her eyes (possibly due to nearly having them poked out by a crazed umbrella dancer), when she witnessed it first-hand last week. “It’s the most random thing I’ve ever seen in a club, about four people spontaneously opened their umbrellas and began swishing around the dancefloor. I guess it’s slightly more inventive than dancing around your handbag.” According to Collins, who spoke to management at The Kingly Club, it’s not the first time it’s happened either.

But If, like me, you’re getting sick of hearing Rihanna and simply can’t contend with all this shoe department crisis, this weekend is awash with big house events. Check out new material from dance legends Shut Up & Dance, who will be playing at Plan B in Brixton on the 27th July and at Corsica Studio’s on the 28th. On a slightly larger scale, Strictly Rhythm, the label that defined house in the 1990s, are returning to the Ministry of Sound on the 28th after a four year hiatus. Headlining are Kenny Dope and Strictly’s latest signing, Osunland. A fully ordained priest in the African religion Ifa, it’s no wonder his signature sound is melodic, deep and soulful. Simon Dunmore will take over the bar with DJ Spen, while Phil Cheeseman and 1Xtra’s Aaron Ross will be spinning classics in the lounge. This event will also be the launch of Ministry's new sound system, which without getting technical, promises to be loud and proud. Leave your trainers at home.

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