Tuesday, 14 August 2007

London Paper 35

ON THE SCENE Chantelle Fiddy

Last week I got asked for id at the Rhythm Factory. Despite a slight moment of panic at not having any - apparently anyone can have a Sainsburys reward card these days - I was flattered. At 26, it’s been more than a few years since a doorman’s asked me that. My happiness didn’t last long, concern setting in I told the big guy to look at my face, the lines, my stress… he agreed, there was no way I was under 28! Like what! As a result I’ve resigned myself to getting denied access to the Underage Festival this Friday, missing the perfect excuse to have a day off and drink alcohol-free wine. In case you’re really late off the mark, Underage is the worlds first strictly under 18s festival, which takes place at Victoria Park this Friday. If you’re 17 or under and have £20 to spare, you’ll be able to catch teen favourites such as Cajun Dance Party, The Teenagers, Mystery Jets and I Was A Cub Scout upfront and personal. The event isn’t a new concept mind you - 14-year old wonder-boy promoter Sam Killcoyne has already enjoyed success with his parties thrown at The Coronet, where he lined up the best in new bands and live music. I considered trying to blag my way in by getting his phone number and pretending I was pregnant with his love child, but I didn’t want his mum to get involved. It got me thinking of other under 18 events I could try and barge or belch my way into, but there aren’t a great deal to chose from. Maybe I’m underestimating the work load – additional responsibility, more security, higher insurance – but what is there in club land for for teens-with-no-means aka money? With a lack of youth clubs and summer fun-for-nothing, it’s a shame there’s not weekly under 18s nights to be found in all pockets of the capital. At the moment, if bands aren’t your thing then it’s all about Rhythm at Copyright in Wapping, where on the fourth Saturday of each month, from 6pm-10pm, over 13s are supplied the biggest tunes from club land with dancers thrown in for kicks.

I have found an alternative for grown-ups mind you. This may sound like one for the kids but aside from the proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust, it’s good old adult fun. This Friday at the Islington Academy, you can bare witness to the annual Air Guitar Championship. The inner will even get to represent in the World Championships in Finland later this year!

If you want to get back to reality and avoid thinking about real adult problems, like how to forge an under 18 id card, join the queue for Buzzin’ Fly on Sunday where Ben Watt and Chris Woodward will be pushing the deep underground, electronic house, warm techno, bleeps and atmospheric emo-soul… whatever that means. Kids these days.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

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